Z.E.R.T. Australia is a organisation that uses the word "Zombie" as a metaphor for any one of numerous natural or man made disasters that may occur in our lives. It seeks to bring together like-minded people who have an interest in being prepared for any such situation through basic bushcraft and survival training, remote medical skills and knowledge and understanding of the environment.

Z.E.R.T. was officially launched in Las Vegas, November 2011 and now has 35,000+ members in 41 different countries! Over 100 of these members are located across Australia.

Z.E.R.T. AUSTRALIA was officially launched by XP001 from the Las Vegas HQ of Z.E.R.T. it came about from a core group of dedicated members who presented a License Agreement to the directors of Z.E.R.T. in January 2016.  Although only a fledgling group we have the full support of over 35,000 members world wide.

Members are divided into Squadrons. A Squadron is an area/country represented by a letter/s, for example, the Q Squadron represents the Australia. Each member of Z.E.R.T. is assigned a Call Sign and a Squadron designation. The Call Sign highlights the time you joined the unit, the letter is where you are located.

The letters QP prior to a call sign were only awarded to the first 30 founding members “Plank Owners” of Z.E.R.T. AUSTRALIA.  You will also see XP call signs they were the founding members when Z.E.R.T. was first launched (e.g. XP001 = West Coast of America, founding member number 001, aka “The Boss”!)